EV Roadmap 7

Save the Date! EV Roadmap 9 is July 20-21, 2016

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The EV Roadmap Conference has established itself as one of the leading electric vehicle conferences in the United States. Founded by Portland General Electric and Portland State University, and now produced by Drive Oregon, the conference provides a "graduate course" in electric vehicle deployment and strategy.

We believe that widespread electric vehicle adoption requires a supportive "ecosystem" of stakeholders, from utilities and local governments to vehicle OEMs, charging providers, interest groups, and drivers. The EV Roadmap Conference brings all of these stakeholders together in a highly interactive format to explore emerging trends, share best practices, and map the road ahead.

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Call for Proposals

The EV Roadmap Conference focuses on real world strategy and business models, and is particularly interested in exploring developments, case studies, and emerging questions that will shape the frontiers of transportation electrification over the coming decade. Help us set the agenda! Review our call for proposals to learn more and submit your proposed topic or presentation online by January 8, 2016.

EV Roadmap 9 will explore a range of emerging questions, such as:

  • How are electric, connected, and shared mobility strategies working together to transform transportation?
  • How are drivers using Oregon's extremely dense network of quick chargers, and what does this tell us about the future of quick charging?
  • What is the appropriate role for utilities in promoting transportation electrification? What models and pilots are pointing the way forward?
  • How are electric vehicles and home energy management systems converging, and what impacts will this have?
  • What are the prospects for lighter electric vehicles, such as electric assist bicycles? How might their adoption be accelerated?
  • How can workplace charging be made a more commonplace employee benefit? Can experiences with supporting bicycle or transit commuters provide valuable lessons?
  • How can we ensure that electric mobility provides benefits to low-income and underserved communities?
  • What roles do transportation agencies, local government planners, developers, and other stakeholders have to play in a rapidly evolving market?
  • What strategies are most effective in marketing and selling electric vehicles?
  • What does the future hold for key policy drivers, such as the Zero Emission Vehicle mandate?