Roadmap 11

2018 Program

Roadmap 11: Test Drive the Future

"The future is already here - it's just not evenly distributed."
- William Gibson, science fiction author.

Roadmap invites participants to "test drive the future," learning from industry leaders as well as the leading communities and regional markets. Programming will be organized around these tracks:

Cars. This track will focus on the accelerating adoption of electric cars and other electric vehicles, as well as new forms of shared and autonomous mobility. Sessions will explore the emergence of electric vehicles in new market segments, such as transit; the natural synergies between electric, connected, shared, and autonomous mobility; and aggressive new public-private marketing strategies.

Charging. Charging infrastructure is evolving quickly to meet the needs of millions of new electric vehicle drivers. This track will explore how to make charging easier, faster, and more commonplace; an in-depth discussion of the Electrify America plan to invest $2 billion over the next 10 years; and ways that electric utilities and the grid are gaining from transportation electrification.

Community. The community track will focus on the broader "ecosystem" needed for the market to expand. Sessions will highlight programs designed to bring electric mobility benefits to underserved communities, leading "smart city" efforts, and new policy developments.

Cutting Edge. New this year, the "cutting edge" track will feature "Ignite" style talks of 5-7 minutes, hands-on workshops, and emerging topics. Come learn more about tomorrow's news today!

Monday, June 18

Pre-Conference Events & Tours
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5:30-7:30pm The Women of Electric Vehicles (WEVS) is a group of women celebrating and advancing female leadership in the electric vehicle industry. Their annual pre-EV Roadmap event provides a wonderful opportunity for women who are attending the conference to get a head-start on networking and sharing insights. The event is generously sponsored by Forth and Paul G. Allen Philanthropies.

Tuesday, June 19

Track 1: Cars Track 2: Charging
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Track 3: Community Track 4: Cutting Edge
Jeff Allen | Executive Director, Forth
Black & Veatch
Mark McNabb | CEO, Electrify America
10:15-11:30am After several years of fits and starts, shared mobility services are beginning to electrify in a major way. From the Uber Electric initiative to car sharing pilots around the world, progress is accelerating. This panel will explore promising strategies to electrify shared mobility, and the lessons we are learning along the way.
Moderator: Jon Isaacs | Public Affairs Manager, Uber
Peter Dempster | Strategy and Market Development Lead, ReachNow
Clement Rames | Sustainable Mobility Systems Research Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Kelly Rula | New Mobility, Climate, and Urban Freight, Seattle Department of Transportation
Pete Slowik | Associate Researcher, International Council on Clean Transportation

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Excitement about using electric vehicles to provide grid services has tended to run ahead of the business model for doing so. However, a number of promising smart charging applications with strong business models are now emerging. This session will explore projects underway, lessons learned, and the path ahead.
Moderator: Ashley Horvat | Vice President Public & Private Partnerships, Greenlots
Baerte de Brey | Chief International Officer, ElaadNL
Mark Goody | Manager, Electric Vehicle Programs, FleetCarma
Michel Scholtes | International Sales Manager, Greenflux
While legal and regulatory issues may be national, cities are where the "rubber hits the road" for new mobility technologies. Several cities have developed innovative strategies that attempt to steer electric, shared, connected and autonomous technologies toward achieving local goals and priorities. This session will explore their progress, challenges, and lessons learned.
Moderator: Robert Bertini | Director, Center for Urban Transportation Research and Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of South Florida
Mark Dowd | Executive Director, Smart Cities Lab
Jennifer Gress | Office of Mayor Darrell Steinberg, City of Sacramento
Steve Lommele | Project Leader, Vehicle Technology Integration Group, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Karl Popham | Manager, Electric Vehicles & Emerging Technologies, Austin Energy
Hold on to your seat! Some sessions in this track will feature a half-dozen "ignite" style talks of 5-7 minutes each, with brief Q&A periods afterwards, exploring a diverse range of cutting edge topics. These short-format talks are guaranteed to get you talking!
Moderator: Harm Weken | Managing Partner, FIER Automotive
Derek Fretheim | Director of Business Development, moovel
Suresh Jayanthi | Vice President of Energy Services, Chanje Energy
Jill MacKay | Senior Associate, CAV Practice Lead, IBI Group
Brennon Morioka | General Manager of Electrification of Transportation, Hawaiian Electric Company
Matthew Metz | Founder and Co-Executive Director, Coltura
Ian Metzger | Program Development Engineer, Lockheed Martin Energy
Philip Sheehy | Technical Director, ICF
12:30-1:45pm Heavy duty electric vehicles are coming faster than most analysts would have predicted. One of the most promising - and perhaps surprising - markets is school buses. This market is growing fast, thanks in part to concerns about childrens' health, and access to Volkswagen settlement funds. This session will focus on emerging opportunities, strategies, and challenges in this promising new segment.
Kevin Matthews | Managing Director, NSI, LLC
Michelle McCutcheon-Schour | Consultant, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
Hannon Rasool | Clean Transportation Business Development Manager, San Diego Gas & Electric (Sempra Energy)
As the electric vehicle market scales up past early adopters, fast charging is getting faster, more common, and more user-friendly. This panel will explore emerging models of fast charging infrastructure that are designed to serve millions of vehicles in the years ahead.
Moderator: Paul Stith | Director of Strategy & Innovation, Black & Veatch
Cassie Bowe | Associate Vice President, Energy Impact Partners
Brendan Jones | Chief Operating Officer, Electrify America, LLC
Dr. Matteo Muratori | Transportation and Energy Systems Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
From state level electric vehicle rebates to multi-state collaborative efforts, US states have been emerging as innovators and leaders in promoting clean electric and advanced mobility. Come learn how these innovations have come to fruition, and what the future may hold.
Moderator: Sue Gander | Director - Environment, Energy and Transportation Division, National Governors Association
Mary Lunetta | Campaign Representative, Electric Vehicles Initiative, Sierra Club
Sarah McKearnan | Senior Policy Advisor, NESCAUM
Dr. Geoff Morrison | Associate, Cadmus Group
Ben Prochazka | Vice President, Electrification Coalition
Low-income and underserved communities suffer the most from vehicle air pollution, and spend more of their incomes on fuel and transportation. Furthermore, the perception that electric vehicles are "only for the rich" is a major barrier to market transformation. This panel will explore promising strategies to ensure that all communities benefit from transportation electrification and new mobility models, with a focus on projects that are sustainable and scalable.
Moderator: Joel Espino | Environmental Equity Legal Counsel, The Greenlining Institute
Hana Creger | Environmental Equity Coordinator, The Greenlining Institute
2:15-3:30pm Fuel cell electric vehicles powered by hydrogen are now available to retail customers in California. What lessons have we learned there, and what does the future hold for wider distribution of fuel cell vehicles?
Moderator: Chris White | Communications Director, California Fuel Cell Partnership
Maryline Daviaud Lewett | Director of Business Development, Transformative Technologies, Black & Veatch
Stephen Ellis | Manager, Fuel Cell Vehicle Marketing, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Craig Scott | Senior Manager, Advanced Business Strategy, Toyota Motor North America
Many markets are seeing unprecedented investments in charging infrastructure from multiple sources, including Volkswagen settlement funds; Electrify America investments; and utility programs. How can the industry demonstrate and communicate the fact that these investments - and many more - are all necessary? How can these different investments best be coordinated and leveraged?
James Campbell | Legislative Policy Advisor, Rocky Mountain Power
Gina Coplon-Newfield | Director, Clean Transportation for All Campaign, Sierra Club
Seth Cutler | Chief Engineer, Electrify America, LLC
Elaine O'Grady | Senior Policy Advisor, NESCAUM
Román Partida-López | Senior Equity Specialist, Center for Sustainable Energy
The past year has seen the launch of a number of exciting new projects designed to bring the benefits of electric, shared, and autonomous vehicles to traditionally underserved communities. This panel will highlight the most promising, sustainable, and scalable projects, and the lessons learned to date.
Moderator: Fabiola Lao | Senior Transportation Policy Manager, Center for Sustainable Energy
Kate Rood | Community Engagement Officer, Beneficial State Foundation
Tom Knox | Executive Director, Valley Clean Air Now
Charlotte Thiery | Programme Manager, Cenex and Marketing and Communications Manager, Niche Vehicle Network
The Transportation Electrification Accord is a set of guiding principles for promoting transportation electrification, endorsed by diverse stakeholders including the Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club, Honda, BYD, Plug In America, Illinois Citizen Utility Board, and Forth. This session will explain the Accord, its intended use, and its potential benefits.
Moderator: Josh Stebbins | Managing Attorney, Sierra Club
Christopher Budzynski | Director, Utility Strategy, Exelon Utilities
Noah Garcia | Transportation Policy Analyst, Midwest and Energy & Transportation Programs, Natural Resources Defense Council
Katherine Stainken | Policy Director, Plug In America

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One of the most popular recurring elements in the Roadmap series, this live focus group will ground attendees in the real-world challenges facing expanded electric vehicle adoption. Professional facilitators will quiz drivers, and audience members can pose questions of their own in real time.

Wednesday, June 20

Track 1: Cars Track 2: Charging
Track Sponsor:
Track 3: Community Track 4: Cutting Edge
Jeff Allen | Executive Director, Forth
9:15-10:30am As utilities become more heavily engaged in the electric vehicle industry, utility regulators have been called upon to quickly develop new rules and regulatory approaches. In this session, moderated by former Commissioner Phil Jones, we will hear directly from leading state regulators about their approaches to this fast-moving sector and explore the path ahead.
Moderator: Phil Jones | Former Commissioner, Washington State Public Utilities
Lisa Hardie | Commissioner, Oregon State Public Utilities
Asim Haque | Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
Norm Saari | Michigan Public Service Commission
11:00am-12:15pm In China, Shenzen has already electrified its entire fleet of over 16,000 buses; nearly a dozen cities around the world have pledged to follow suit. This panel will explore the new challenges and opportunities that come as transit agencies move from demonstration projects to full-scale electrification.
Moderator: Tyler Hughes | EV Infrastructure Development, Burns & McDonnell
Alex Adams | Sustainability Program Manager, King County Metro Transit
Merisha McClaren | Senior Consultant, Research Into Action
Daniel Simounet | Vice President of Transportation, Americas Region, ABB Inc.
With the right policies and programs in place, transportation electrification will support the electric grid to the benefit of all utility customers. This panel will discuss real world examples of programs and policies designed to capture those benefits and increase fuel cost savings, as well as the analytical framework demonstrating how transportation electrification can lower power bills.
Moderator: Kellen Schefter | Manager, Sustainable Technology, EEI
Sara Forni | Senior Manager of Clean Vehicles, CERES
Max Baumhefner | Attorney, Clean Vehicles & Fuels, Energy & Transportation Program, Natural Resources Defense Council
Dave Kolata | Executive Director, Citizens Utility Board
Nancy Ryan | Partner, E3
Businesses own over half of all registered vehicles in the world, and influence millions of employees and customers. This session will explore business leadership in promoting electric and clean transportation, from workplace charging through enterprise level clean transportation commitments.
Zach Henkin | Deputy Director, Forth
Laura Renger | Principal Manager, Air & Climate Policy, Southern California Edison
Sandra Roling | Head of EV100, The Climate Group
Rolf Schreiber | Energy Systems Program Manager, Google
Hold on to your seat! Some sessions in this track will feature a half-dozen "ignite" style talks of 5-7 minutes each, with brief Q&A periods afterwards, exploring a diverse range of cutting edge topics. These short-format talks are guaranteed to get you talking!
Andrew Dick | Connected, Automated, and Electric Vehicle Advisor, Oregon Department of Transportation
Erika Myers | Director, Research, Smart Electric Power Alliance
Nick Nigro | Founder, Atlas Public Policy
David Patterson | Chief Engineer, Vehicle Emissions/Fuel Economy Compliance, Mitsubishi Motors R&D of America
Mark Simon | Director, Electric Vehicle Policy, Transportation Planning & Management Division, New York City Department of Transportation

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The average new car buyer spends over 13 hours conducting research, half of it online and much of it via third-party websites. What online resources are available to help potential electric car buyers evaluate their options, find charging stations, and make purchase decisions? How can these tools be strengthened to accelerate market growth?
Moderator: Chelsea Sexton | Independent EV Advisor, Consultant and Author
Bengt Halvorson | Environmental Editor, Car and Driver
John Morris | Vice President Market Development, D+R International
Matt Teske | Founder, Chargeway
In 2016, Columbus successfully competed against 77 US cities to win the Smart City Challenge. With $40 million from the U.S. Department of Transportation and $10 million from Vulcan, Inc., a Paul G. Allen Company, Columbus has embarked on an ambitious effort to reinvent mobility. This panel will explore their progress to date, lessons learned, and future plans.
Moderator: Loreana Marciante | Strategy Manager, Low Carbon Mobility, Paul G. Allen Philanthropies
Brandi Braun | Deputy Innovation Officer, City of Columbus
Jordan Davis | Director, Smart Columbus, Columbus Partnership
Beth Snoke | Director, Transportation and Traffic Management, Ohio State University
Autonomous vehicles are quickly becoming accessible and mainstream, and are likely to serve as the foundation of shared mobility. How can technology and policy work together to create sustainable transportation options? Can autonomous mobility technology yield more equitable outcomes - and if so, how? What pilot projects would help demonstrate this new direction?
Hana Creger | Environmental Equity Coordinator, The Greenlining Institute
Lauren Isaac | Director of Business Initiatives, EasyMile
Hold on to your seat! Some sessions in this track will feature a half-dozen "ignite" style talks of 5-7 minutes each, with brief Q&A periods afterwards, exploring a diverse range of cutting edge topics. These short-format talks are guaranteed to get you talking!
Moderator: Barry Woods | Director of Electric Vehicle Innovation, ReVision Energy
Peter Banwell | Marketing Manager, ENERGY STAR, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Norman Hajjar | Chief Strategy Officer, Recargo, Inc.
Stacy Noblet | Senior Manager, ICF
Wilfred Pinfold | CEO, Urban Systems Inc.
David Reichmuth | Senior Engineer, Clean Vehicles Program, Union of Concerned Scientists
Brett Williams | Principal Advisor, Clean Transportation, Center for Sustainable Energy
3:00-4:15pm Advocates and car shoppers alike have criticized dealerships' efforts to sell electric cars, yet dealerships are central to the sales process. This panel will explore the reasons behind these problems, and report on promising initiatives to incentivize and support dealerships.
April Bolduc | President and Founder, S Curve Strategies
Eric Cahill | Program Director, Plug In America
David Roberts | Senior Consultant, VEIC
New "EV-ready" building codes can save a lot of money and headaches down the road, but what should be required now to "future-proof" our buildings? And how can we build political support for these efforts? This session will explore both the substance and the strategy.
Moderator: Amy Hillman | NW Client Relations Manager, Blink Charging
Justin Brightharp | Alternative Fuel Vehicle Technical Advisor, City of Atlanta
Junaid Faruq | Sr. Charging Policy Engineer, Business Development and Policy, Tesla
Ed Pike | Senior Engineer, Energy Solutions
The International ZEV Alliance has set a goal that all new vehicles sold be electric by 2050; other governments are setting more ambitious targets. Meanwhile, some analysts predict dramatic decreases in car ownership overall. How will we pay for roads in a post-gas, post-car era? This panel will explore a range of options and pilot projects.

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Jenna Adams-Kalloch | Emerging Technology Policy Lead, Office of Innovation, Oregon Department of Transportation
Alan Jenn | Researcher, Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Group, Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways, Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis
Rebecca Lewis, PhD | Assistant Professor and Research Director, University of Oregon Sustainable Cities Initiative
Recent headlines have been full of commitments from various countries to "ban the sale of gasoline powered cars"c after a certain date, and California is also considering such a measure. But what lies behind these headlines? How would such bans be enforced? What policies and investments would be required to support these goals? Are they constructive, or a distraction? This session will dig into the details behind the headlines. s
Christina Bu | Secretary General, The Norwegian EV Association
Bert Klerk | Chairman, Holland E-Mobility
Janea A. Scott | Commissioner, California Energy Commission

Thursday, June 21

Post-Conference Events
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8:00am-12:00pmGlobal City Teams Challenge Tech Jam
Dive deeper into transportation infrastructure and attend the Second Annual Global Tech Jam, Wednesday, June 20th - Friday, June 22nd, the largest forum of its kind for Smart City initiatives. This event will bring together forward-looking municipalities, research institutions, federal agencies, and leading private sector companies interested in preparing their transportation infrastructure for the latest smart city technologies to provide better, more equitable services.

Oregon Convention Center
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June 20-21

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