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2016 Conference Program

EV Roadmap 9: Test Drive the Future

Despite recent low oil prices, electric vehicle sales continue to climb. A recent study by Bloomberg Energy predicts electric vehicles will reach 35% of global new car sales by 2040, sales ahead, and governments around the world have come together in the International Zero-Emission Vehicle Alliance with a goal of all new vehicle sales being zero emission by 2050.

There is much work to be done, and none of these changes are inevitable. However, EV Roadmap 9 will invite participants to "test drive the future" as they imagine what a future with widespread electric vehicle adoption will look like. What will it take to increase sales of electric vehicles dramatically? How will these vehicles be fueled? What roles will utilities, governments, and other stakeholders need to play in this new environment?

EV Roadmap 9 programming will be organized around three tracks:

Cars. This track will focus on strategies that work to dramatically accelerate electric vehicle sales. Sessions will explore effective marketing strategies, best practices, and the impacts of incentives.

Charging. Charging infrastructure is evolving quickly to meet the needs of millions of new electric vehicle drivers. This track will explore how to make charging easier, faster, and more commonplace.

Community. The community track will focus on the broader "ecosystem" needed for the market to expand. Sessions will explore the changes needed in utility operations and regulation, public policy, and how electric mobility will expand beyond private automobiles.

Tuesday, July 19

Pre-Conference Events

Wednesday, July 20

Track 1: Cars Track 2: Charging Track 3: Community
Jeff Allen | Executive Director, Drive Oregon
Denis Hayes | President and CEO, Bullitt Foundation
10:15-11:30am Electric vehicles remain a new and different product category, and one that has proven challenging to market effectively to consumers. As these vehicles move beyond the "early adopter" market, this challenge will only grow. This session will explore popular beliefs and attitudes about electric vehicles, and how to strengthen the marketing and sales of electric vehicles as a category.
Moderator: Marian Hammond | Partner, Strategy and Communications, Brink
Brett Williams, PhD | Principal Advisor, Clean Transportation, Center for Sustainable Energy 
Robert Graham | Director, EV Everywhere Challenge, US Department of Energy 
Jim Francfort | Program Manager, Advanced Transportation Group, Idaho National Laboratory 
Wayne Killen | Electric Vehicle Architect, Audi ONE, Audi of America, Inc. 
50kW DC fast charging has played a key role in encouraging electric vehicle adoption and making longer-distance trips more feasible. With longer-range electric vehicles coming to market, however, and drivers now accustomed to receiving an 80% charge in 20 minutes, fast charging speeds are on the rise. This session will explore the pathway to faster fast charging.
Moderator: Charlie Allcock | Director of Business Developmen, Portland General Electric
Cliff Fietzek | Manager of Connected eMobility, BMW of North America 
David Patterson | Chief Engineer, Powertrain Research and Vehicle Emissions/Fuel Economy Compliance, Mitsubishi Motors 
Robert Barrosa | Director, Partnerships and Business Development, NRG Energy 
Anthony Lambkin | EV Infrastructure Manager, Nissan North America
While some early critics were concerned that electric vehicles might be cross-subsidized by other drivers or utility ratepayers, recent research and pilot projects demonstrate that electric vehicles can provide substantial benefits to the grid, to ratepayers, and to the economy as a whole. This session will present the best emerging evidence documenting these benefits, and discuss emerging strategies that can further leverage these benefits.
Moderator: Kellen Schefter | Manager of Sustainable Technology, Edison Electric Institute (EEI)
Eric Cutter | Director, Distributed Energy Resources, E3 
John Gartner | Director, Navigant Research 
Brendan O'Donnell | Energy Planning Supervisor, Seattle City Light 
12:30-1:45pm Electric vehicle "ride and drive" events have been a mainstay of marketing efforts, and the need to "get butts in seats" has been a common refrain. This session will discuss best practices in ride and drives, and analyze how cost-effective they are in driving increased sales.
Moderator: Chelsea Sexton | Founder, Lightning Rod Foundation
Kirk Brown | Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, REACH strategies
Gennet Paauwe | Communications Advisor, PEV Collaborative 
Annie Freyschlag | Program Associate, Drive Electric Northern Colorado, Electrification Coalition 
The ability to use electric vehicles to provide grid services and energy storage has tended to run ahead of the business model for doing so. However, a number of promising smart charging applications with strong business models are now emerging. This session will explore lessons learned from recent pilots, current industry efforts underway, and the growing convergence of home energy management, charging, and vehicles.
Moderator: Bill Nesmith | Senior, Advisor, National Association of State Energy Officials
Baerte de Brey | Account Manager, Stedin 
Clay Collier | Co-Founder, Kisensum 
Matt Stevens | CEO, FleetCarma 
Steve Bloch | Vice President of Partnership Development, EV Connect, Inc. 
The "Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate," under which automakers in California and nine other states are required to sell a minimum number of zero emission vehicles, has arguably been a major driver of the modern electric vehicle era. This session will explore the impact of the ZEV mandate to date, its projected future impacts, efforts to increase its effectiveness, and possible changes that may result from California's midterm review of the policy.

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Introduction: Maureen Bock | OReGO Program Manager, ODOT
Moderator: Andrew Dick | Connected, Automated, and Electric Vehicle Advisor, Oregon Department of Transportation
Matt Solomon | Transportation Program Manager, NESCAUM 
Dave Reichmuth | Senior Engineer, Clean Vehicles Program, Union of Concerned Scientists
Catherine Dunwoody | Chief of the Fuel Cell Program, CARB (California Air Resources Board) 
Ken Morgan | Director, Business Development & Government Affairs, Tesla Motors
Tracy Woodard | Director of Government Affairs, Nissan North America
1:45-2:15pm Join members of the new EV Charging Carbon Coalition (EVCCC) to learn how financial carbon market incentives can be pioneered to encourage more rapid and widespread investment in EV charging systems. The EVCCC seeks to open access to the voluntary carbon markets to enable carbon credits to be generated by EV charging stations: once certified and sold, these credits can introduce a new source of revenues to accelerate EV system investments, contributing an estimated 2-11% return on capital.

This EVCCC workshop will review the EV charging carbon business case, seed-funded by GM and jointly developed with industry leaders – and the next steps the Coalition seeks to take, developing the new carbon methodology and pilot projects needed to realize these goals. Our work builds upon Chevrolet’s earlier success which also opened the voluntary carbon markets to accelerate US universities’ clean energy efficiency leadership.

With members already spanning private and public sectors, the EVCCC seeks to now build a collaborative coalition to help strengthen the financial foundations upon which EV charging infrastructure can be built by again opening access to the carbon capital markets.
2:15-3:30pm Auto dealers are on the "front line" in selling electric vehicles, but advocates have long faulted them for doing a poor job. This panel will go beyond anecdotes and criticism to focus on key factors driving dealer behavior, best practices of successful dealerships, and promising strategies for supporting dealers.
Moderator: Robert Langford | Manager, Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales, Honda
Eric Cahill | Founder & President, Adaptiv Consulting
Will Toor | Director, Transportation Program, Southwest Energy Efficiency Project
Ben Odenborg | General Manager, Tonkin Central Sales
Heath Carney | Electric Vehicle/Sustainability Manager, Sullivan Chevrolet Auto Group
The U.S. Department of Energy Workplace Charging Challenge is rapidly gaining ground. This session will explore what leading employers are doing to support their employees who choose to commute in clean electric vehicles - from workplace charging to vehicle incentives and more. Panelists will discuss why workplace charging and employer support is so effective at driving increased electric vehicle sales, what effectively motivates employers, and how we can make charging at work as easy and common as parking a bike at work.
Moderator: Robert Graham | Director, EV Everywhere Challenge, US Department of Energy 
Rick Durst | Project Manager, Portland General Electric 
Chris Bast | Climate Policy Advisor, Office of Sustainability and Environment, City of Seattle 
Dave Vernier | Founder & Co-President, Vernier Software
Gwendolyn Bolden | Director of Parking and Transportation, University of Oregon
As utilities become more heavily engaged in the electric vehicle industry, utility regulators and ratepayer advocates have been called upon to quickly develop new rules and regulatory approaches. This session will discuss the competing goals of utility regulation, the special challenges and opportunities posed by transportation electrification, and emerging models to address the fast-moving electric vehicle sector.
Moderator: John Morris | CEO, Morris Energy Consulting
Nancy Ryan | Partner, E3 
Roland Hwang | Director, Energy & Transportation Program, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) 
Dave Packard | Vice President, Utility Solutions, ChargePoint 
Bob Jenks | Executive Director, Citizens' Utility Board of Oregon 
4:00-5:30pm One of the most popular recurring elements in the EV Roadmap series, this live focus group will ground attendees in the real-world challenges facing expanded electric vehicle adoption. Professional facilitators will quiz drivers, and audience members can pose questions of their own in real time via Twitter. Update: Watch the full recording of the live focus group below!

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Introduction: Thor Hinckley | CLEAResult

Introduction: Robert Langford | Manager, Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales, Honda
Introduction: Rich Quattrini | Senior Director Business Development, Chargepoint 

Thursday, July 21

Track 1: Cars Track 2: Charging Track 3: Community
Jeff Allen | Executive Director, Drive Oregon
Introduction: Bob Graham | Director, EV Everywhere, U.S. Department of Energy
Sponsored by:
Jim Piro | President and CEO, Portland General Electric
Senator Jeff Merkley | U.S. Senator, State of Oregon
9:15-10:15am Green Car Report's John Voelcker will moderate a lively discussion with a panel of leading automaker representatives. This session, back by popular demand after a great reception at previous EV Roadmaps, will continue the conversation about the future of transportation electrification from the perspective of the firms developing and producing electric vehicles.
Moderator: John Voelcker | Senior Editor, Green Car Reports
Tracy Woodard | Director of Government Affairs, Nissan North America
Jamie Hall | Manager, Advanced Vehicle and Infrastructure Policy, General Motors (GM)
John Gartner | Director, Navigant Research 
Gilbert Castillo | Senior Group Manager, Advanced Vehicle Strategy, Hyundai
Frank Breust | Vice President Government and External Affairs, BMW
Craig Scott | National Manager, Advanced Technologies Group, Toyota
10:30-11:45am This panel will explore how some leading global cities are leading the way in electric mobility, both in their own fleets and among their residents. Panelists will also explore how cities are integrating electric vehicle promotion with strategies to encourage walking, biking, and transit use.
Moderator: Commissioner Steve Novick | City of Portland
Maarten Linnenkamp | Project Manager and Electric Transport Consultant, Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam  
Ben Prochazka | Director of Strategic Initiatives, Electrification Coalition 
Randy Wilde | Clean Transportation Project Associate, Center for Sustainable Energy 
Aminah Zaghab | Clean Cars Advocate, Environment America 
Ivo Cre | Deputy Director, POLIS 

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Oregon helped lead the development of one of the world's first DC Fast Charging routes, the West Coast Electric Highway. Several such corridors now exist around the world, with more under development; meanwhile, existing corridors like the West Coast Electric Highway are looking to the future. This session will explore lessons learned, best practices, financing options, and business models for future fast charging corridors.
Moderator: Andrew Hudgins | Project Leader Clean Cities, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) 
Rich Quattrini | Senior Director Business Development, Chargepoint 
Diane Turchetta | Environmental Protection Specialist, U.S. DOT-FHWA 
Thomas Ashley | Senior Director, Government Affairs & Public Policy, Greenlots
Claire Dooley | Electric Vehicle Services Business Development, NRG EVgo 
As battery costs drop and technology improves, cities around the world are increasingly turning to electric buses. This panel will explore some of the leading deployment projects, real-world performance statistics, and promising strategies for accelerating electrification of transit systems.
Moderator: Neil McFarlane | General Manager, TriMet
Zach Kahn | Director of Government Relations, BYD America  
Kent Leacock | Director of Government Relations, Proterra Inc. 
Jasna Tomic | Research Director, CALSTART 
12:45-2:00pm Automakers have long argued that "cash on the hood" in the form of a rebate or tax credit may be the most effective way to accelerate electric vehicle sales. With many different governments offering such incentives, there is a growing data set to back these claims. This session will explore the evidence for how incentives impact sales, and what forms of incentives are most effective.
Moderator: Representative Ken Helm | State Representative, Oregon House District 34
Matthew Klippenstein | Canadian Correspondent, 
Harm Weken | Managing Partner, FIER Automotive 
David Roberts | Senior Consultant, VEIC (Vermont Energy Investment Corporation) 
Nick Nigro | Founder, Atlas Public Policy 
Over the years, local governments have upgraded their streets to accommodate horses, cars, and bicycles; however, they have been slow to support charging systems in the public right of way. Charging infrastructure in highly visible on-street locations can help promote electric vehicle adoption and provide charging opportunities for drivers without private garages. Furthermore, integrating charging into other urban infrastructure like street lighting can lower costs, and may even help accelerate upgrades in those systems. This session will explore various projects and strategies that seek to integrate charging into the urban streetscape.
Moderator: Alan Bates | Market Manager, ReachNow
Michael Rockwood | Sales, US Market, Eluminocity 
Sarah Moore | Planner, City of Berkeley Office of Energy and Sustainable Development 
Maarten Linnenkamp | Project Manager and Electric Transport Consultant, Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam 
As utilities have increased their engagement in promoting transportation electrification, much of the focus has been on regulated private utilities. However, public utilities and cooperatives serve millions of Americans, and are also moving to promote electricity as a transportation fuel. This session will explore the special opportunities - and challenges - faced by public utilities as they develop transportation electrification programs.
Moderator: Eli Volem | Energy Management Specialist, Eugene Water & Electric Board
Lisa Poger | Strategic Deployment of Electric Fueling Infrastructure, Advanced Energy 
Christine Grant | Senior Associate, Collaborative Efficiency 
JJ McCoy | Senior Policy Associate, NW Energy Coalition 
Jukka Kukkonen | Founder, PlugInConnect 
2:15-3:30pm In just a few years, coverage of electric vehicles in the popular press has gone from deriding the "Obama Car" to fawning over Tesla to predicting the demise of electric vehicles in the face of low oil prices. What is driving media attitudes toward, and coverage of, electric vehicles? What can be done to influence the popular narrative?
Moderator: Amy Hillman | NW Client Relations Manager, Blink Network, CarCharging Group
Bengt Halvorson | Environmental Editor, Car and Driver
Matt Teske | Chief Strategy Officer/Creative Director, Drive Marketing Group
Edward Niedermeyer | Founder, Daily Kanban
Wireless charging technology has been advancing rapidly, outpacing the business case. More recently, however, real-world deployments are beginning to emerge. This session will focus on the business side of wireless charging, including actual real-world deployment projects. Panelists will explore how this technology will enter the marketplace, how it might drive increased vehicle sales, how payments could be collected, and what sustainable business models for wireless charging might look like in coming years.
Moderator: Eric Weaver | Research Civil Engineer, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Office of Infrastructure R&D;
Andrew Daga | CEO, Momentum Dynamics Corporation 
Laurence Dunn | Chief Engineer, Hyster-Yale 
Zach Kahn | Director of Government Relations, BYD America  
In some European countries, electric assist bicycles are now outselling conventional bicycles; yet they remain largely unknown in the U.S. This session will explore the role of electric-assist bicycles, scooters, and three-wheeled vehicles in urban mobility systems, and strategies to increase awareness and use of these vehicles.
Moderator: John MacArthur | Sustainable Transportation Program Manager, TREC Portland State University 
Tim Navarrette | Area Marketing Manager, GenZe 
Adam Vollmer | Founder & CEO, Faraday Bicycles 
Eric Wingfield | Mobility Strategist, Ford
3:45-5:00pm The future of mobility is electric, connected, and shared - or, in a word, smart. The USDOT Smart City Challenge drew applications from 77 cities across the United States; by July, one winner will have been selected to receive $40 million in Federal funding and an additional $10 million from Paul Allen's Vulcan, Inc., to address electrification specifically. This panel will invite the winner, along with the four other finalist cities, to discuss their Smart City proposals and plans.
Moderator: Spencer Reeder | Philanthropic Initiatives, Vulcan, Inc.
Ingrid Fish | Policy & Research Analyst at City of Portland, Oregon: Bureau of Planning and Sustainability 
Jessie Denver | Energy Program Manager, San Francisco Department of the Environment 
Gail M. Allen | Sr. Manager, Customer Intelligence, Kansas City Power & Light 
Tyler Svitak | Energy and Transportation Administrator, City and County of Denver 
Karl Popham | Manager, Electric Vehicles & Emerging Technologies, Austin Energy 
Aparna Dial | Program Manager for Smart Columbus and Deputy Director of the Department of Public Service
Jeff Allen | Executive Director, Drive Oregon

Friday, July 22

Post-Conference Events & Tours
In-depth Carbon Business Case Discussion
To learn more about the new EV Charging Carbon Coalition (EVCCC), join Sue Hall, CEO of the Climate Neutral Business Network (CNBN), to examine the EV charging carbon business case during a more in-depth review and Q&A; discussion.

So join us to explore how this EVCCC effort can best support your EV charging infrastructure investments!
BYD Electric Vehicles
Electric Byway Wine Tour

Sponsored by:

*Tour open to the public as well as conference attendees.
Just a short drive from downtown Portland, Oregon's Willamette Valley is home to more than 225 wineries. You will ride in comfort aboard BYD's 40-foot All Electric Coach, utilizing BYD's proprietary Iron-Phosphate battery, and visit Brooks Winery, Willamette Valley Vineyards and Sokol Blosser. Register to attend today.

Introduction: Harry Dalgaard | Travel Oregon
Introduction: Andrew Grossmann | Travel Oregon
9:40am-12:00pmPortland Bike Tour - Event Cancelled

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